Westlake Magazine

A Remarkable Composition Of Talent and Beauty 

By Rebecca Gray
Westlake Magazine – Fall 2005 Issue

Actress and singer Nadia Bjorlin, along with her five brothers and sisters, have been compared to ‘The Sound Of Music’s Von Trapp family’ in their earlier years. The Bjorlin family may very  well be the finest composition ever produced by their father, the late world-renowned Swedish classical music composer, Ulf Bjorlin Sr.

Nadia Bjorlin, who played ‘Chloe Lane’ on NBC’s Daytime Drama Days of our Lives for the last six years, recently said good-bye to her cast and crew and moved to primetime television. She describes her new one-hour dramedy series, Sex, Love and Secrets, as a contemporary Melrose Place with the narration and comic relief of Desperate Housewives. The UPN show which recently premiered on September  27th, 2005, airs on Tuesday evenings at 9:00 pm ET/PT. The series features a talented cast including other screen stars like Denise Richards and Eric Balfour. “My character, Meg (a flight attendant), is a modern-day Betty  Paige…carefree and spirited.” says Bjorlin.  Silver Lake, California will replace Days’ town of Salem for Bjorlin in Sex, Love and Secrets.

In addition to the multitude of talents that have been bestowed on the Bjorlin family, Nadia and her five siblings are incredibly striking in appearance. The handsome Swedish father and their exotic Persian mother, Fary  Bjorlin, lived and traveled around the world until her father passed away from Leukemia in 1993. Nadia was seven years old when she moved from Sweden to America and resided in Palm Beach, Florida. She learned English by studying  television programs. Now her repertoire of languages includes Swedish, German, Danish, Italian, French, a little Russian and English of course. Equally impressive is the fact that she studied opera and dance in addition to  playing the piano, flute, guitar and harp. Each sibling plays at least one musical instrument and they are multi-lingual. “Playing the piano was a prerequisite in the Bjorlin family,” chuckles Nadia.

Her brother, the handsome Ulf Bjorlin Jr., one year older than Nadia, is featured in this issue’s fashion spread with Nadia. Ulf, who also plays several musical instruments, above all the trombone, is also a film and  television actor who hopes to produce one day. The eldest sister, Katja, a towering 5’10” former high fashion model (who was once the face of Christian Dior) is now living in Sweden with her husband and three children. Kaj,  the oldest brother, a former concert pianist, now owns and operates his own Los Angeles based computer-consulting firm. Kamilla, her beautiful sister who landed in the middle of this line up, is also an actress and an established  dance choreographer. And last but not least, her youngest brother, Jean-Paul is currently graduating with his masters from the prestigious Juilliard University and is yet another talented chip off the Bjorlin block. Nadia says,  tongue in cheek, “I like to credit myself for playing a significant role in my younger brother, Jean-Paul’s future stardom.”

The three youngest, Ulf Jr., Nadia and Jean-Paul were also known as the “Bjorlin Trio” while growing up, making special appearances, opening for symphony concerts and performing together for various stage productions.  All of the Bjorlin children grew up and proved to be accomplished individuals, excelling in all facets of the performing arts and the family remains very close. Nadia’s extremely proud Mother, Fary, travels between her homes in Sweden and America and is one of her closest friends and advisors. Nadia is clearly a fine composition of talent and beauty.