Days of our Lives Timeline – 2004

August – September 2004

Nadia returned to Days of our Lives for a short period of time at the end of summer 2004. The character of Chloe began appearing before the Summer Olympics on August 13, and her appearance concluded in early September.

December 2004

Nadia has taped several episodes of Days of our Lives. Nadia recently posted to her fans on the forums regarding her status with Days:

I just wanted to know how everyone is doing and I wanted thank you for your endless support of not only Chloe, but for me. So, for the time being I’m on a recurring status on DAYS, which is great. I love being there, and I think I have all of you to thank. All I ever hear about are the letters and faxes that TPTB are getting. And I have to say that I am honored and flattered by everyone’s love, support, and persistence……

Nadia will begin to appear on Days starting on December 3, 2004.