Celebrity Car

April 2007
In the movie Redline she drives some of the most amazing cars in the world…but which one is her favorite?

We first saw her on the popular daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives where she played a mysterious young opera singer named Chloe Lane. Now she’s driving some of the most exotic cars in the world in the movie  Redline.

Introducing Nadia Bjorlin…

Born in the United States and raised in Sweden, Bjorlin, 26, has lived a very cultured life. Daughter of a famous music conductor and composer of classical music, Bjorlin grew up with a refined appreciation of the  arts, even performing professionally when she was only 6. After being with various orchestras, she went on to compete in several vocal competitions around the world.

Then came acting. She soon landed Days of Our Lives and shortly thereafter, Hollywood began to take notice.

“Well, let’s see. I’m a Leo. I like long walks in the rain, puppy dogs, and rainbows,” she laughs. “I’m kinda sarcastic as well.”

But she’s serious about her acting career.

“I just premiered a movie at the Sundance Film Festival called If I Had Known I Was a Genius. It’s a really funny ensemble-cast comedy with Sharon Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, Tara Reid, Markus Redmond, and many other  talented comedic actors, myself included!”

She has also appeared in the TV shows Jake in Progress and Complete Savages.

Although Bjorlin wasn’t into cars growing up, she quickly changed her tune after she earned her driver’s license.  “I was too busy with my music, but I learned to appreciate cars once I was allowed to drive them. My  first car I ever drove was a Toyota Corolla, which I loved. And the first car I bought with my own money was a Toyota Celica GT. I was very proud; being a teenager and buying that was a big deal.” Today, during Celebrity  Car’s visit, she’s driving a 2007 Range Rover.

Being raised in Europe, Bjorin has an affinity for exotic cars and being involved with Redline has given her the opportunity to drive some of the world’s finest machinery.  “I’m very excited about the  movie Redline,” which opened April 13. “It’s an action-packed, fast-paced movie about an underground race involving the world’s most exotic, expensive and ridiculously impressive cars in the world.”

What’s more, her character is way into cars. “I play Natasha Martin, who owns an auto-body shop, which specializes in modifying very high-end cars and I have a real passion for racing. Natasha’s father was a  racecar driver who taught her everything she knows, but he died racing, so she vowed to never race, in fear of putting her mother through that pain again. But she is eventually enticed into this world of elite racing by a  music mogul, played by Eddie Griffin. Then she finds herself in a whole lot of trouble.”

Redline is every exotic-car lover’s dream movie and Bjorlin got up close and personal with a bunch of drool-worthy supercars.  “Working on the movie, I got to drive some amazing cars. My favorite was the Koenigsegg  CCX, which is the fastest street-legal car in the world. I also liked the Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsche Carrera GT and the McLaren SLR.”

So what is Bjorlin’s dream car? “Growing up, my dream car was a pink Corvette, thanks to Barbie,” she smiles. “Then my dream car was a Ferrari. I have (the 1986 movie) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to thank for that one.  Thanks to this movie (Redline), I’ve gotten to drive the coolest cars in the world, so I’m completely jaded now.”