Fixation Magazine – August 2008

Nadia appeared on the cover and in the pages of Fixation Magazine‘s August 2008 Issue with Brandon Beemer.  The magazine was featured on newsstands in southern California.




Nadia #1 Search on Yahoo! – June 16-17, 2008


Nadia Bjorlin of NBC’s Days of our Lives and feature film Redline was the #1 Top Search on Yahoo for June 16 and 17, 2008.  Redline is featured on Starz network this month and Nadia is part of the ensemble musical group, The Bjorlin Trio, with her two brothers Ulf and Jean-Paul.

The actress was a presenter on the live ABC telecast of the Daytime Emmys on June 20.

Coexistence – 2007 Issue

Angel Eyes 

Coexistence – 2007 Issue


adia Bjorlin’s life began on August 2nd in Newport, Rhode Island. She is the fifth child out of six of Ulf and Fary Bjorlin. When Nadia was two months old, the Bjorlin family moved to Sweden,  her father’s native country. Nadia’s father was a conductor and composer of classical music, which Nadia grew to love.

For those of you who don’t know who Nadia is, Nadia has been a popular star on NBC’s, Days of our Lives. Earlier in 2007, Nadia was the lead actress in the octane adrenaline film, Redline. She starred along  side Eddie Griffin and some of the world’s most exotic supercars.

Nadia Bjorlin as Darwin would describe is evolution at its best. Not only is our Swedish-Iranian actress stunning like a muse, but she has the brains to back it up as well.  You can catch Nadia once again on Days of our Lives  and also, be on the lookout of Nadia’s upcoming music career. She and her siblings once again are embarking on their previous successful music cameo.

Q. Did you face any difficulties when growing up in Sweden? Were there any levels of racism you encountered since you are half-Iranian?

A. I had a really wonderful childhood with extremely loving parents and lots of siblings to lean on, so I was oblivious to any racial tensions going on in Sweden at the time. I never went to school in Sweden, but some of my  siblings did, and they did experience some torment from classmates. There wasn’t a large Persian community at all in Sweden at the time, and I suppose ignorance breeds racism.

Q. Being of Iranian descent, have you encountered any difficulty in entering the American mainstream market?

A. I don’t think it necessarily has to do with the Iranian descent, but looking different and not being identifiable in any ONE category can be helpful in some ways and difficult in others. People can usually never guess my  ethnic background, so I can use that as an advantage in being seen for roles of different ethnicities. The problem is when you don’t look Persian, Swedish, Italian, Russian, American, or whatever, enough! It can be frustrating to  not be stereotypical.

Q. A lot of our readers want to know, can you speak Farsi?

A. No, unfortunately, I don’t. I understand, especially when I’m being reprimanded by my mother! Ha! Kidding…kind of. I was born after the Revolution in Iran, and I don’t want to recite a history lesson, but at the time, Iranians  were not looked highly upon in most places of the world, I believe. Frankly, my mother was frightened to teach her younger children Farsi to spare us from racism. My oldest sister, Katja, is fluent in Farsi and my older brother,  Kaj, and other sister, Kamilla, also speak a little.

Q. Would you ever consider moving back to Sweden?

A. Sweden is a beautiful country, but I don’t think I could ever live there again because of my profession. America is definitely the land of opportunity.

Q. What is your position on global warming?

A. I don’t think there should be any other position on Global Warming than being aware that it’s a scary reality that we as humans need to take responsibility for. Instead of ignoring nature’s warning signs, we need to all  be individually responsible and take any positive action we can. We can all do the necessary work to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling, conserving energy, and water. We need to learn to be less selfish if we want the  Earth to survive. I think a lot of people have an �all or nothing” attitude about many aspects of life, but we can’t afford that kind of behavior at this point in time. A little help goes a long way: recycle, use energy efficient  light bulbs, make sure your house is well-insulated, turn off the air, unplug appliances not in use, turn off the water when brushing your teeth, shaving your legs, plant a tree, etc. I’m out of breath!

Q. Did anyone inspire you to get into Hollywood?

A. Performing is something I’ve wanted to do as long as I can remember! Music and performing was a normal part of my life growing up, so it seemed to just be a natural progression for me. I kept going with it and never looked  back.

Q. Would you ever consider doing anything besides acting?

A. You never know, but I certainly don’t think I’ll stray too far away from show business at any point in my life.

Q. In your career, did you face a make it or break it point?

A. That’s a very dramatic sounding question! No, I’ve been really fortunate and grateful to have been working for most of my life. But if I reach that point, I’ll let you know.

Q. What was your experience filming the movie Redline?

A. I had such a wonderful time shooting that movie. There was such a great crew of people working on the movie, so I had a lot of fun! It was a pretty hectic shooting schedule, but it was just such an amazing experience learning out to drive those gorgeous cars and the other actors working on the movie were such a joy to spend time with on and off the set.

Q. By the way, did Eddie Griffin try making a move on you?

A. Oh yeah, every day! Ha! No, only when I was the only girl around. I’m kidding. He is unbelievably witty, smart, and just plain funny! I actually learned a lot by watching him work, and he is just so professional and tries to  offer you any help he can. So, he’s a cool guy. I’d love to work with him again.

Q. So, we all know Eddie Griffin crashed an Enzo. Does this mean you are a better driver than him?

A. Of course I am! Ha! I’ve always considered myself a good driver, well, maybe just a crazy driver! I kind of have a “lead foot” which can get me into trouble. But I’m a cautious crazy driver. Actually, the celebrity charity race  in which Eddie crashed the Enzo, I came in second place in the actual competition. I was in the lead until Jackie Chan beat me! But, he has a bit of an unfair advantage, he’s been a stunt coordinator and all around awesome action  guy probably since I was born!

Q. Out of all the cars on the show, which car did you like most?

A. That’s a tough one. I really learned to love and appreciate what each car had to offer. Wow, I sound like I’m talking about men or something! Ha! I think everyone loves a red Ferrari, but I’d have to say that if I got to own any  one of the cars, it would be the Mclaren SLR. That car is a beast and a comfortable luxury ride at the same time.

Q. Were any of these cars your dream cars?

A. Well, I grew up dreaming about owning a pink Corvette like Barbie, so, no. Seriously, I would be lucky to own any one of them, but I’d have to say that I took a serious liking to the Koeniggsegg CCX because it’s unique and  Swedish, like myself!

Q. Can you drive a stick shift?

A. Hello?! Did you see the movie?? Most of those cars are only available in a manual transmission.

Q. Do you think it is sexy if someone can drive stick?

A. That sounds an awful like sexual innuendo…better suited if you asked a man that question. Oh, what the heck: Yeah! Anyone who can drive a stick is a stud in my book. Wait, that came out wrong.

Q. Many Middle Easterners who are attempting to get into Hollywood now feel that there is a bit of hesitancy towards that community. Would you agree with this, and what type of advice would you offer them so that they can  overcome any obstacle?

A. I don’t think there is anyone in Hollywood whose opinion matters that is ignorant enough to be hesitant to work with someone who is Middle Eastern based on world politics. The only obstacle as an actor is that looking ethnic,  no matter where in the world you are from, can limit the roles in which you are “right” for, so to speak. As an actor, sometimes I think you have to expect and embrace stereotypes of yourself if you actually want to work! But  all “types” of people wanting to work as actors have to deal with that. Then, if you become very successful, you can decide your own projects!

Q. What was the worst date you ever had?

A. No comment. Ha! Well, I don’t think I’ve ever really enjoyed a “traditional date.” I feel like it’s an interview or something! Oh, here’s a good one: One guy only talked about his abs and how hard he had worked out at the gym  that day. I caught him stealing glances of himself in a mirror too! Ha!

Q. What qualities do you look for in a romantic partner?

A. The most important quality is humor and wit. Nothing beats a funny, smart guy.

Q. Working movie sets, and being an actress on Days of our Lives, is it hard maintaining a romantic relationship?

A. It can be. Someone really has to be understanding of erratic schedules, travel, and realize that love scenes are really not enjoyable, unless with Brad Pitt. Ha!

Q. Where can we expect to find you in the future?

A. I’m going back to Days of our Lives for a little while. They really wanted me back and made an offer I couldn’t refuse! It’s going to be very exciting. And I’m also working with two of my brothers, Ulf and Jean-Paul,  on a classical crossover album (like Andrea Bocelli and Josh Groban). We grew up singing and performing together, so this is really special. My younger brother, Jean Paul recently received his Master’s degree at the Juilliard  School in New York, and Ulf studied at the Manhattan School of Music, and is also an actor. So, it’s a great mix of operatic training with some edginess. We’ve already recorded some music, and you can always find out what I’m  up to and where to get the music on my website:

Q. What special talents do you have?

A. Aren’t ALL talents special?

Q. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

A. To know EVERYTHING that’s going to happen the day before it happens. That would be very useful.

Q. Would you use it for good or evil?

A. Depends on what you consider evil…

Q. What does COEXISTENCE mean to you?

A. The word or the magazine?!?! Either way, this world would be a beautiful place if we could all learn to coexist in peace and harmony.

Q. Have you ever been stalked?

A. Usually I’m the one doing the stalking. No, seriously, that’s a scary thing and I’m thankful to not have been.

Q. What do you think is going to happen 10 years from now?

A. I just hope to be happy, healthy, and hopefully ruling the world by then!

Interviews – April/May 2007

Nadia on Playboy Radio
Nadia was interviewed on Playboy Radio on April 10.  The show was heard by SIRIUS radio subscribers on the Playboy Radio channel 198.

Nadia on The Tom Green Live Show
Nadia appeared on The Tom Green Live Show on April 11 along with friend, Lance Bass.

Nadia on CNN Headline News (California)
Nadia appeared on CNN Headline News in southern California on May 3.  She was interviewed for a segment about celebrities and their causes.

Celebrity Car – April 2007

Feature on Nadia Bjorlin

Celebrity Car – April 2007


n the movie Redline she drives some of the most amazing cars in the world…but which one is her favorite?

We first saw her on the popular daytime soap opera Days of Our Lives where she played a mysterious young opera singer named Chloe Lane. Now she’s driving some of the most exotic cars in the world in the movie  Redline.

Introducing Nadia Bjorlin…

Born in the United States and raised in Sweden, Bjorlin, 26, has lived a very cultured life. Daughter of a famous music conductor and composer of classical music, Bjorlin grew up with a refined appreciation of the  arts, even performing professionally when she was only 6. After being with various orchestras, she went on to compete in several vocal competitions around the world.
Then came acting. She soon landed Days of Our Lives and shortly thereafter, Hollywood began to take notice.

“Well, let’s see. I’m a Leo. I like long walks in the rain, puppy dogs, and rainbows,” she laughs. “I’m kinda sarcastic as well.”

But she’s serious about her acting career.

“I just premiered a movie at the Sundance Film Festival called If I Had Known I Was a Genius. It’s a really funny ensemble-cast comedy with Sharon Stone, Whoopi Goldberg, Tara Reid, Markus Redmond, and many other  talented comedic actors, myself included!”

She has also appeared in the TV shows Jake in Progress and Complete Savages.

Although Bjorlin wasn’t into cars growing up, she quickly changed her tune after she earned her driver’s license.  “I was too busy with my music, but I learned to appreciate cars once I was allowed to drive them. My  first car I ever drove was a Toyota Corolla, which I loved. And the first car I bought with my own money was a Toyota Celica GT. I was very proud; being a teenager and buying that was a big deal.” Today, during Celebrity  Car’s visit, she’s driving a 2007 Range Rover.

Being raised in Europe, Bjorin has an affinity for exotic cars and being involved with Redline has given her the opportunity to drive some of the world’s finest machinery.  “I’m very excited about the  movie Redline,” which opened April 13. “It’s an action-packed, fast-paced movie about an underground race involving the world’s most exotic, expensive and ridiculously impressive cars in the world.”

What’s more, her character is way into cars. “I play Natasha Martin, who owns an auto-body shop, which specializes in modifying very high-end cars and I have a real passion for racing. Natasha’s father was a  racecar driver who taught her everything she knows, but he died racing, so she vowed to never race, in fear of putting her mother through that pain again. But she is eventually enticed into this world of elite racing by a  music mogul, played by Eddie Griffin. Then she finds herself in a whole lot of trouble.”

Redline is every exotic-car lover’s dream movie and Bjorlin got up close and personal with a bunch of drool-worthy supercars.  “Working on the movie, I got to drive some amazing cars. My favorite was the Koenigsegg  CCX, which is the fastest street-legal car in the world. I also liked the Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini Murcielago, Porsche Carrera GT and the McLaren SLR.”

So what is Bjorlin’s dream car? “Growing up, my dream car was a pink Corvette, thanks to Barbie,” she smiles. “Then my dream car was a Ferrari. I have (the 1986 movie) Ferris Bueller’s Day Off to thank for that one.  Thanks to this movie (Redline), I’ve gotten to drive the coolest cars in the world, so I’m completely jaded now.”

21 Magazine – Spring 2007 Issue

Nadia was featured in the pages of 21 Magazine‘s Spring 2007 Issue.



21 Magazine – Spring 2007 Issue

...Nadia appeared on the cover and in the pages of 21 Magazine, which hit the news stands late March/early April 2007  (spring issue).





NYLA Magazine – July 2006 Issue

The Swede Sound of Music

Written by Nima Ghazai; Photos by Gerry Garcia
NYLA Magazine – July 2006 Issue


ersian-Swedish actress Nadia Bjorlin talks about life as the daughter of famous European composer, her role as Chloe Lane in NBC’s Days of Our Lives, and her pursuit of becoming  the next Wonder Woman.

It’s a common dream of young kids to grow up with aspirations of becoming a star musician, whether it’s ruminations of rock stardom or a fancy for the philharmonic. But few people can boast a family rich in musical  talent, unless, of course, you are Nadia Bjorlin, the daughter of the late world-renowned Swedish classical composer, Ulf Bjorlin. In such a case, it would be adamantly expected of you to follow in your father’s footsteps as  an opera singer.

Unless, of course, you are Nadia Bjorlin.

“You hear horror stories of ‘stage parents,’ when it comes to acting or music, but my father was so non-intimidating in that he allowed me to develop my own style,” Bjorlin says. “My mom was so proud too, but she never  pushed anything either.”  It should be no surprise either that two of her brothers are nearing the pinnacle of their respective musical academia; one, a full-fledged opera singer, is working on a Masters at Juilliard, while  the other was schooled at the Manhattan School of Music. Having this type of pedigree sans the inherent pressures made it easy for Nadia to explore her inner talent.

Not only was her father her biggest supporter, but he provided each child with a separate teacher for every aspect of music. He never actually gave any piano lessons because he didn’t want to put any extra pressure upon  Nadia or any of her other siblings. “I started off with classical music, played the harp and flute along with the piano at age 6,” Nadia remembers. “My brothers would then pick different instruments so that we could play  together as a band.”
Nadia was the fifth of six children born to Ulf Bjorlin and his Persian wife, Fary, while the couple was in America for a symphony in 1980. Soon thereafter, the family returned to Stockholm, Sweden where Nadia was raised.  At the age of 7, she relocated to Florida and then moved to New York for the second half of high school before arriving in California.

Although her talent in classical music emanated from her exposure to the genre by her father, Nadia’s love for it is not exclusive. She is currently segueing into the mainstream facet of music. “I’ve sort of moved into a  little bit of Pop and R&B.  I’m working on a soon to be released album right now with a French-Canadian artist Barnev Valsaint, who’s been touring with Celine Dion.”

Given her talent, it was only natural for Bjorlin to venture into other aspects of the entertainment industry. While commencing in music, she concurrently explored her way across musical theatre and dancing while experiencing  the thrill and fulfillment of each. Bjorlin’s acting career started off with a number of auditions and pilots for Nickelodeon, screen tests for As the World Turns and All My Children before she ultimately landed her  role as Chloe Lane on NBC’s daytime drama,Days of Our Lives.

Bjorlin recalls the day she got the good news from her agent: “It was a surreal feeling having to pack my bags and head out to L.A. after thinking I would never get it.”  However, Bjorlin soon found out that playing the  enigmatic Lane was not as glamorous as it first seemed. After all, her character was as interesting as a law school lecture on campaign fund-raising reform; she was awkward and an unloved insecure child from the orphanage.  “The worst part was that she’d wear these oversized Goth clothes with old fashioned glasses and messy, greasy hair and would be the object of everyone’s taunting at school,” Bjorlin says. “I had to make my national television  debut looking like hell and having to go through Lane’s emotional roller coaster.”

In time, Bjorlin realized the importance of her role off the screen. “You think of soap operas and everyone looks beautiful and never really has any problems, but right off the bat Chloe has all of these emotional traumas  and things that real people can relate to,” she explains. Letters soon started pouring in from fans thanking Bjorlin for her acute way of portraying their feelings. “It made me see things differently, like maybe we shouldn’t  be so concerned with our looks and crazed with this ideal the media has put out.”

Bjorlin’s character served as a staple on the show from 1999-2003 and has returned in recurring roles in the interim. Nonetheless, the prospect of change is inevitable as Lane has been married off from the show and is on her  honeymoon.  Bjorlin will have plenty of time to reflect on her acting career and the future as fears of not being asked to return to the show have crossed her mind. “There are so many highs and lows in the industry,” she  laments. “When it rains, it pours – when you get one job, you have to turn down eight others and there’s also this down time when you wonder if you’ll ever going to work again.” Yet the past brings her solace for the  future. “I feel like I’ve grown up on that show.”

And grow she has. On October 23rd, 1993, Ulf, the ever creative force in her life, succumbed in his bout against Leukemia. Bjorlin was at an incomprehensible loss. “You don’t realize when you’re young that not everyone has  this opportunity to listen to great talent all the time,” she enlightens. “I didn’t really appreciate it as much as I could until later in life; but, it was the best experience I could ever ask for or wish for.”
Once again, Bjorlin drew her strength from the drama show she had embraced. In 2002, one of her best story lines as Chloe required her to be a cancer patient. Bjorlin recalls her initial reaction to the script, “I was really  scared to play that because of the death of my father; it was too close to home.”  Yet as the story evolved, Bjorlin sensed an occasion to reach out to those suffering from the same disease. “When I saw how the fans would  donate money in my father’s name to the Leukemia-Lymphoma society, it was very humbling. It makes you realize how grateful you are for so many things,” she recalls. That same year, Bjorlin was named as ambassador for  ‘Light the Night,’ the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s nationwide evening walk.

Despite her role on Days, Bjorlin is well aware that the path to stardom is no cakewalk. “People don’t realize it is hard work,” Bjorlin reveals. “You’re on the set for long hours, where it’s either too hot or too cold.  It’s not necessarily fun and games all of the time.”  However, for Bjorlin, the fun is just beginning. Since her tentative departure from Days last August, she has posed for Maxim’s 2007 calendar and is currently a bona  fide candidate to play the role of Wonder Woman in an upcoming movie. Although the running is laden with such stars as Evangeline Lilly, Eva Longoria, Katherine Heigl and  Jessica Biel, Bjorlin remains undaunted and confident in her chances. “I would love to play Wonder Woman; I have the abilities and the strength because I am definitely not the typical Hollywood actress. I’m  Amazonian in that I am 5’8″, have curves, muscles and am very strong. I don’t look like I’m going to break in half like most of these women in the industry are.”

Although Bjorlin has been occupied with her career, she still makes time for the more important things of life. Never the brash personality one would expect out of a celebrity, Bjorlin takes shelter from the spot  light and to call her low-key would be an understatement. “I honestly don’t go out that much unless I’m invited,” she recalls. “I love being at home on Saturday nights with the whole family over here cooking tons of food and  dancing. They’re my best friends and the most fun people. I honestly don’t go out much.”

She may have a tremendous European influence on her life (she is fluent in Swedish, French, Danish, and English) but Bjorlin has no difficulty reconciling the dichotomy of her Persian and Swedish roots. She dresses in  Persian garb, enjoys many of the cuisines, and even lists Arash as one of her favorite singers, “It really says something when his music is popular throughout Europe. It’s about time someone young combined the music cultures  of Persia with techno and hip-hop.”

Bjorlin attributes her affinity for all things Persian to her mother. “I learned a lot of the family values and traditions from my mother,” Bjorlin proclaims. “She had so much of the culture around us…I’m very European  but also at the same time very Persian.”  It is this diverse and exotic combination that, according to Bjorlin, has not only set herself apart from others, but has also allowed her to relate to different cultures.
In a frenetic, power-driven industry such as Hollywood, Bjorlin is more than content being as laid back as possible. When not honing her opera skills or rehearsing on the set, Bjorlin leads quite a normal life in her  suburban L.A. home, listing TiVo and Texas Hold’em Poker as her new fads, along with working out and traveling. With the prospect of fame and fortune in the entertainment industry, it would be quite easy to get caught up  in the fast lane of prominence and neglect the more important aspects of life.

Unless, of course, you are Nadia Bjorlin.

Westlake Magazine – Fall 2005 Issue

A Remarkable Composition Of Talent and Beauty 

By Rebecca Gray
Westlake Magazine – Fall 2005 Issue


ctress and singer Nadia Bjorlin, along with her five brothers and sisters, have been compared to ‘The Sound Of Music’s Von Trapp family’ in their earlier years. The Bjorlin family may very  well be the finest composition ever produced by their father, the late world-renowned Swedish classical music composer, Ulf Bjorlin Sr.

Nadia Bjorlin, who played ‘Chloe Lane’ on NBC’s Daytime Drama Days of our Lives   for the last six years, recently said good-bye to her cast and crew and moved to primetime television. She describes her  new one-hour dramedy series, Sex, Love and Secrets, as a contemporary Melrose Place with the narration and comic relief of Desperate Housewives. The UPN show which recently premiered on September  27th, 2005 airs on Tuesday evenings at 9:00 pm ET/PT. The series features a talented cast including other screen stars like Denise Richards and Eric Balfour. “My character, Meg (a flight attendant), is a modern-day Betty  Paige…carefree and spirited.” says Bjorlin.  Silver Lake, California will replace Days’ town of Salem for Bjorlin in Sex, Love and Secrets.

In addition to the multitude of talents that have been bestowed on the Bjorlin family, Nadia and her five siblings are incredibly striking in appearance. The handsome Swedish father and their exotic Persian mother, Fary  Bjorlin, lived and traveled around the world until her father passed away from Leukemia in 1993. Nadia was seven years old when she moved from Sweden to America and resided in Palm Beach, Florida. She learned English by studying  television programs. Now her repertoire of languages includes Swedish, German, Danish, Italian, French, a little Russian and English of course. Equally impressive is the fact that she studied opera and dance in addition to  playing the piano, flute, guitar and harp. Each sibling plays at least one musical instrument and they are multi-lingual. “Playing the piano was a prerequisite in the Bjorlin family,” chuckles Nadia.

Her brother, the handsome Ulf Bjorlin Jr., one year older than Nadia, is featured in this issue’s fashion spread with Nadia. Ulf, who also plays several musical instruments, above all the trombone, is also a film and  television actor who hopes to produce one day. The eldest sister, Katja, a towering 5’10” former high fashion model (who was once the face of Christian Dior) is now living in Sweden with her husband and three children. Kaj,  the oldest brother, a former concert pianist, now owns and operates his own Los Angeles based computer-consulting firm. Kamilla, her beautiful sister who landed in the middle of this line up, is also an actress and an established  dance choreographer. And last but not least, her youngest brother, Jean-Paul is currently graduating with his masters from the prestigious Juilliard University and is yet another talented chip off the Bjorlin block. Nadia says,  tongue in cheek, “I like to credit myself for playing a significant role in my younger brother, Jean-Paul’s future stardom.”

The three youngest, Ulf Jr., Nadia and Jean-Paul were also known as the “Bjorlin Trio” while growing up, making special appearances, opening for symphony concerts and performing together for various stage productions.  All of the Bjorlin children grew up and proved to be accomplished individuals, excelling in all facets of the performing arts and the family remains very close. Nadia’s extremely proud Mother, Fary, travels between her homes  in Sweden and America and is one of her closest friends and advisors. Nadia is clearly a fine composition of talent and beauty.