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Nadia Bjorlin & Gloria Gaynor Duet (PRESS RELEASE)

(West Hollywood, CA) — Grammy-winning singer Gloria Gaynor and “Days of our Lives” actress Nadia Bjorlin team up to perform together for the very first time, “Tell Him”, as Gloria takes the GRAMMY Sound Stage to celebrate the 30th anniversary of her smash hit “I Will Survive.”

“Nadia Bjorlin is on my favorite daytime drama, “Days of our Lives.” says Gaynor. “I’m a huge fan of the show and of hers from her TV and film projects. We also share some of the same representation, so I asked her if she would want to perform a duet with me and she called me right away and said ‘yes!!’, explains Gaynor.

“I was totally blown away when Ms. Gaynor asked me if I would perform with her! I’m a longtime fan of hers and it’s an HONOR to be asked to sing with GLORIA GAYNOR!” says Nadia Bjorlin.

Gaynor has been busy celebrating 30 years of “I Will Survive” this year. The song reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in the Spring of 1979, not only once, but twice, and was #1 all over the world in nearly every country. The song has yet to be off radio playlists since that time. She also won a GRAMMY in 1980 for the first and only category of its kind, “Best Disco Song”. The category had its inception in 1980 and the category was dropped altogether by 1981.

Bjorlin herself comes from a musical background. She was classically trained when she was younger and her father was the late Ulf Bjorlin, international composer from Sweden, and Bjorlin herself has performed on “Days of our Lives” on numerous occasions and performs on a regular basis at fan, sports and charity events. In 2008 she and her brothers Ulf and Jean Paul, all known professionally as The Bjorlin Trio, released a crossover/classical EP.

Boston Red Sox Baseball Game

Nadia sang the National Anthem at the Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees baseball game at Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts on August 21, 2009.

Los Angeles Dodgers Baseball Game

Nadia performed God Bless America at the L.A. Dodgers Baseball Game at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on June 6, 2009.

The Bjorlin Trio

Four Song EP – The Bjorlin Trio Released Digitally Worldwide

(Hollywood) – Actress Nadia Bjorlin, known to fans around the world on the NBC daytime drama, Days of our Lives, has released a 4 song EP along with her brothers Ulf and Jean Paul Bjorlin, titled The Bjorlin Trio.

“The music is best described as classical crossover, in the likes of Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli.  We recorded these four songs because of the beautiful three part harmonies and of course it is accompanied by my brother Jean Paul on piano,” explains the actress.

The trio has been performing together since they were 5 and 6 years old all over Sweden, Europe and the States where they have all grown up. As they grew older, they went their separate ways with their individual professions. Nadia pursued acting in Hollywood, and in 1999 landed the long exhausted search for the character of Chloe Lane which she has portrayed on and off since that time. In between those stints on Days of our Lives, she starred in the 2007 feature film, Redline and has guest starred in such TV series as Jake In Progress, Sex, Love & Secrets, Out of Practice and Complete Savages.  Ulf is an accomplished musician in his own right and was named after their late father, Ulf Bjorlin, Sr., a world famous composer and conductor. Ulf has also followed in his sister’s footsteps in acting, co-starring in several films and TV projects. Jean Paul is a recent graduate of Juilliard with a Master’s Degree in Piano and currently sings in various New York City opera companies.

Last year the three siblings – Nadia, Ulf and Jean Paul decided to reunite and reignite their passion for the music that their father had so inspired them to love and they recorded several tracks together for fun. The magic of the trio was there and ultimately the EP was born and of course they were encouraged to pursue this by their mother, Fary, and their three other siblings – Katja, Kaj and Kamilla.

The tracks on The Bjorlin Trio EP include “Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)”, “Dream A Dream (Pavane)”, “The Prayer” and “Cinema Paradiso.” The tracks were recorded at the famous Capitol Studios in Hollywood with two-time Grammy-Award winning producer, Rob Christie.

The 4 song EP is available on iTunes, eMusic and (not available anymore) and wherever digital downloads are sold.

Legacy Media Relations

Feast of San Gennaro


(West Hollywood, CA) — Actress Nadia Bjorlin, best known for her role as Chloe Lane on NBC’s Days of our Lives and her feature film, Redline, will be heading to the recording studios next week to record new material with her brothers, Ulf Bjorlin and Jean-Paul Bjorlin.

The style will be classical crossover, in the likes of Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli. The recordings for now will be simple: three vocals, piano and string quartet.

This is not the first time the siblings have performed together, “We have been singing together since we were 5 and 6 years old, all over Sweden and Europe and the States, and we were known as the Bjorlin Trio,” explains Nadia Bjorlin.  “Our musical influences come from our father, Ulf Bjorlin, Sr., who was a famous composer/conductor all over the world” adds Jean-Paul.

The three of them bring together a rich blend of harmony musically, but as a group, Nadia brings her charisma, her charm, her fans and her beauty. Jean-Paul, on the other hand, recently received his Masters Degree at Juilliard and is currently singing opera in New York City. Ulf Bjorlin, who attended Manhattan School of Music and is also an actor, has his own brand of charm and personality that will attract the crossover appeal.

Producing the tracks is two-time Grammy Award winning music producer, Rob Christie.  Rob has produced projects for The Beatles, Martina McBride, the Frank Sinatra estate, The Beach Boys, Joss Stone, the John Lennon estate…and most recently the current hit album: Dean Martin “Forever Cool” (with guests artists Kevin Spacey, Robbie Williams, Chris Botti, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, etc.) and many more.

The Bjorlin Family will once again perform in public for the first time in nearly a decade at the Feast of San Gennaro – Hollywood, Saturday, September 29, at The Jimmy Kimmel Stage, 4:00pm.

To view more information about the Feast of San Gennaro, please visit

2001 Press Archives

The Same, But Different
Soap Opera Weekly – March 13, 2001

How does your personal style compare to your character?

I’m much more glamorous in real life. Chloe is just the opposite. She hides more. She’s not very comfortable with her body. She’s more conservative and much more covered-up. Chloe’s wardrobe is like Mrs. Doubtfire’s.

I love to dress up, and I dress up completely differently than Chloe. My style is definitely more sexy: a bustier or a black, short dress with a leather jacket and stiletto heels. I love shoes. I am a shoe-aholic. I wear much more jewelry than Chloe does, although I don’t wear as much pink and vibrant colors.

My favorite colors are blue and black, but I actually started wearing red after [wearing] Chloe’s break-out dress [at The Last Blast Dance]. I realized it did look good with my skin tone.

Baker’s Secret
Soap Opera Weekly – March 27, 2001

With a mother who’s a gourmet cook, Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, Days of Our Lives) learned early on “that I could never compete with her. My mom’s meals are just amazing,” Nadia raves. “She can bake, too, but dessert is always something she just throws together, because she has to. It’s not something she necessarily enjoys, like cooking real food. That is her passion.”

Hence, Nadia, who loves all sweets — “especially chocolate” — quickly realized that “if I wanted something really good for dessert, I had to make it myself. So I became the official baker of the family. I was 9 years old when I started. I’d bake with my oldest sister, Katja. We’d make gingerbread houses, chocolate cakes, Swedish princess marzipan cakes. It was fun. I’ve always liked making cookies, too, because they’re fast, simple, and it’s yummy to eat the dough.”

Over the years, Nadia’s developed quite a few sweet specialties. “There’s this chocolate hazelnut cake that I make a lot. But the Days makeup room would probably say that my brownies are best. They’re really, really chocolaty. I used to bake them and bring them in a lot, but everyone in the makeup room was like, ‘We’re going to kill you!’ Because everybody’s trying to somewhat watch their figures,” Nadia laughs.

Various Press – July/August/September 2001

How do you know when it’s love?
Nadia Bjorlin: “I’ll tell you when you’re invited to my wedding in a few years [laughs]! I think the typical symptoms are being restless, not being able to sleep or eat and having a big smile on your face. But, I don’t really have enough experience to know yet.”

What is your most embarassing celebrity moment?
Nadia Bjorlin: “Nothing that ended up actually happening, but it was embarassing for me. When I was walking out on stage at the Emmys, the train of my gold dress started getting tangled up and was about to get caught in my heel. Jay Johnson [Philip] was right behind me, and amazingly enough, saw it and pulled it for me ’cause I could’ve tripped. That would’ve been horrible at Radio City Music Hall, on national television. Another one was when my shoe broke on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards, and I was dreading going up on-stage because I could barely keep my shoe on.”

Which celebrity do you think needs to see a fashion doctor?
Nadia Bjorlin: Lil’ Kim. Every time I look at her I wonder, ‘What was she thinking?’ Granted, I admire her courage and the fact that she’s confident enough to dress as [outrageously as] she does, but wouldn’t it be nice — just once, for shock value — if she put on a turtleneck and a pair of pants and went to an event? I bet that would get her a lot of attention.

Basket Case
Soap Opera Digest – August 28, 2001

“The dedication of some of the fans is incredible,” notes Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe). “I got some great gifts from people this year. There’s a Web site for Chloe and Philip, and [the Webmasters] gave me and Jay [Kenneth Johnson, Philip] two separate gift boxes. In mine, there were two musical theater books, one on Les Miserables and one on Rent, which are expensive!

They gave me this little statuette that said ‘Best Actress’ on it, candles, teddy bears and this huge thing of Godiva fudge. One person made me an entire tablecloth. Jay got Armani cologne and chocolate-chip cookies. Somebody took a very long time to think of our favorite things and what we like. It was incredibly sweet; just so touching. I wasn’t expecting anything like that. It makes me come into the studio and think, ‘Wow, I’m here for a reason and my work is paying off.’ Sometimes you forget that people watch.”

Soap Opera Weekly, 11 September 2001
Soap Opera Update, 25 September 2001

Soap Opera Weekly – September 18, 2001

How does the weather influence what you wear?
NADIA BJORLIN (Chloe, Days):  “It affects my mood. If I wake up and it’s cold and rainy, all I want to do is throw on some ueans, a sweatshirt and sneakers and not look necessarily pretty. Definitely dark colors and earth tones. I love sweaters. I am a sweater collector. I wear these black boots that seem to be durable in the rain. Usually it’s just jeans or corduroy pants and big old sweaters.

If I’m trying to look good, I’ll still wear jeans, but wear a nicer, fitted wool sweater and a leather jacket. If I know it’s going to be a beautiful day or it’s really hot outside, maybe I like to wear a little short skirt, nice shirt and put my hair up.”

Soap Opera Digest – October 2, 2001

Most Accommodating, Publicity Wise:
Jason Cook, Jay Kenneth Johnson, Kyle Lowder, Nadia Bjorlin, Kirsten Storms, Farah Fath

“As a whole, it is a great pleasure to work with them because even with the tremendous amount of storyline they have, they’re always willing — and eager — to do publicity. It makes my job more enjoyable.”

— From David Sperber, show publicist


While musical numbers on soap normally make us cringe, Days of our Lives’s rendition of “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” form The Sound of Music hit just the right note, mainly because of the superior singing talents of principal performers Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Kyle Lowder (Brady). It was corny, but effective in bringing these two closer.

Soap Opera Update – October 9, 2001

“I’ll Take Care Of You…”


The streets of Salem on DAYS OF OUR LIVES were alive with the sound of sweetly enchanting music recently, thanks to the tremendous talents of Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Kyle Lowder (Brady), as they serenaded each other and their lucky viewers with songs from “The Sound Of Music” and “The Phantom Of The Opera.”

For a year, we’ve followed Chloe’s story of the sad lonely teen who is now being pursued by Phillip and Brady. She seemed to love Phillip, but all along, there was something about Brady.

Then, Philip broke her heart, and the most amazingly romantic scenes took place between Brady and Chloe as they broke into song. What voices! What fantasies! What a way to show love! This was a perfect example of the beauty and magic of the soap genre, where fantasy love can turn into the real thing.

Soap Opera Update – October 9, 2001

…Musical DAYS That We Love


Call us hopeless romantics, but we love when DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Brady and Chloe break out into song. Yes, soaps have long asked their actors to pull double duty by singing on screen (sometimes, regardless of their musical abilities), but no one has accomplished this difficult feat with the elegance and beauty that Kyle Lowder (Brady) and Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) recently displayed. Both actors are fantastic singers, with the range and ability of professional artists. With the majority of DAYS fans hoping for Philip and Chloe to reunite, it looks like the NBC soap will split the audience down the middle after this summer, creating a riveting love triangle. If Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) doesn’t know how to singe the blues, he better learn how real soon.

Coify Talk
Soap Opera Digest – October 16, 2001 

Long before DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Chloe had her makeover, striking actress Nadia Bjorlin had to endure a humbling make-under. “When I first came on the show, it was very unglamorous,” she recalls. “Instead of styling my hair, they would frizz it up, grease it up and put a lot of product in it to make it look dirty. It wasn’t fun leaving work every day like that. And it was a lot of hair washing! I have so much hair, and it’s not healthy to wash it that much. I was forced to wash it every day that I worked — I couldn’t lead a normal life with all that stuff in there!”

DAYS didn’t just stop with Bjorlin’s hair. “What really pained me is that I have this thing with my eyebrows; they are sort of my pride and joy,” she confides. “When I was first on the show, I had to brush my eyebrows down and fill them in so they looked messy. That really bothered me. We had an ongoing joke in the makeup room — a hairdresser would kid me that he was not going to go to the NBC commissary with me unless I brused my eyebrows up! It looked pretty bad.”

Fortunately, the show eventually let Bjorlin’s good looks — and hair — shine. During one scene last summer, Brady was enthralled as the lingerie-clad miss seductively tossed her hair in slow motion. “I think the hair adds to the sex appeal. I don’t really think about it — I’ve always had long hair,” says Bjorlin. “Hair is not anything I’ve focused on or cared about. The reason it’s always been long is that I’ve never really cared to have it in a certain style. It never crossed my mind, and then I started seeing in the script all the little ‘hair flicking’ I do. [It’s] considered very diva-like and sexy. So, that’s kinda fun. I guess I use it to my advantage in that sense.”

These days, Bjorlin loves the coifs that stylist Margie Puga dreams up for her. “I have so many creative, lovely hairstyles on the show. At the Last Blast, I loved my hair, a ’60s ‘do. I thought it was a lot of fun. People called me ‘Barbarella.’ And I also got a few ‘Raquel Welches.'”

Pearls of Wisdom
Bjorlin keeps her tresses in tiptop shape with Aquage Fortifying Ultragel. “It’s a multipurpose gel made with sea pearls. And it looks like little sea pearls inside the bottle. Pretty cool. I put a bunch of it through my hair. If it air-drys, it’s very tamed — no frizz. It smoothes my split ends. But it’s not greasy! It makes my big hair smaller.”

Soap Opera Digest – October 23, 2001

Should actors have input into their own stories — and if so, where would writers draw the line?
“I see the writers once a year at anniversary parties, or I might bump into them at work,” Nadia Bjorlin says. “I’m grateful to have a job, and I’m really happy about everywhere they take my character.” Her co-star Kyle Lowder (Brady) mirrors that opinion. “There’s a mutual respect — the writers have their vision and the actor respects that, and in the same turn the writer respects what the actor does with their work.”

Soap Opera Digest – October 23, 2001

Salemites At The Spa

Four lucky cast members from DAYS OF OUR LIVES — Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Kyle Lowder (Brady), Patrika Darbo (Nancy) and Matt Cedeno (Brandon) — spent an afternoon being pampered at Spa Mystique in Century City, CA. Let’s see how their DAY went…

Bjorlin doubled her pleasure with a Twin Tigers massage, which besides encouraging complete relaxation, enhances the immune system. “It’s more relaxing in general because your body can’t assimilate the movement and the contact on your feet and hands all at once,” explained Massage Therapist Greg Baarsma.

“It was pretty amazing,” sighed Bjorlin. “The woman worked on my foot and my calf while the man was working on my upper back; it was cool. One of the most unusual things was the fact that he massaged my stomach. It’s a weird sensation because I’ve never had someone rub my stomach, knead it and put his fingers between my ribs. I wanted to relax, but it was so hard not to laugh at the same time ’cause it tickled.”


What’s the nicest/meanest thing a fan ever said to you?
Soap Opera Digest – October 30, 2001

Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe, DAYS): “There have been so many nice things that people say. Their sincerity and loyalty really mean a lot. After the Sound Of Music thing, a fan sent a huge arrangement of balloons to the studio. [The card] said that it was just for doing a great job. I was so touched by that.

As for as the meanest thing, I always get, ‘Why aren’t you nicer to [Nancy]?’ Or, I’m confronted at the grocery store with, ‘You really should dress better, and don’t wear those glasses.’ You just have to take it for what it’s worth.”

CBS Soaps In Depth – November 4, 2001

DAYS OF OUR LIVES cast members who want their voices heard when it comes to raising money for the World Trade Center Relief Fund have put together a special Christmas CD to benefit victims of the tragedy.

The In-Depth Story: “It was a very quick effort where everybody went to the recording studio to do their part,” explains Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), who appears on the album along with DAYS pals Kevin Spirtas (Craig), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Tanya Boyd (Celeste), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Kyle Lowder (Brady), Frank Parker (Shawn), Bill Hayes (Doug) and John Clarke (Mickey).

Bjorlin sings both a solo and duet (with Lowder) on the CD, whic she says was the brainchild of DAYS executive producer Ken Corday. “It’s a wonderful way to reach out to people,” she declares, noting that celebrities have a special responsibility to helf the relief effort. “Anybody who is seen as a role model should try to help out in any way they can.”

The Christmas CD can be ordered on-line at either or

In closing, Bjorlin shares that she, like many, still is reeling from the September 11th attack. “Words cannot explain the event,” the actress states quietly. “It’s something that people will never forget, and a turning point for this entire country.”

Soap Opera Weekly – November 27, 2001


RUMORED: Nadia Bjorlin’s (Chloe) reported contract negotiations with Days of Our Lives have created an online fury that she may not be re-signing with the show. Bjorlin says, “I’m very happy where I am at right now. My contract doesn’t even expire for another year.” Sources reveal Days wants to negotiate early with the teens.

CBS Soaps In Depth – December 4, 2001


Disregard published rumors that Nadia Bjorlin soon might be exiting the role of DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ Chloe. Rather, expect only more romantic confusion ahead the the Salem siren!

The In-Depth Story: “I don’t know where these rumors get started,” a source close to Bjorlin responds when presented with reports that her immediate DAYS future is up for grabs. “Nadia’s contract isn’t even up for another year… so, no, she’s not in any negotiations.”

Rather, Bjorlin has a heavy schedule ahead, as her Salem alter ego continues to be embroiled in a troubled romance with Philip — and then some!

“Chloe is madly in love with Philip, but he betrayed her,” the actress reminds Soaps In Depth. “She’s really tempted to get back together with him, but he will have to prove himself a lot before she’ll be able to give her heart back to him.”

Further complicating matters is Chloe’s growing closeness with Brady. “She has never had to be anything but herself around him,” says Bjorlin. “And there are these little moments of attraction.”

So, who will Chloe ultimately choose? “Chloe doesn’t know what she wants,” Bjorlin says, adding with a laugh, “This storyline is so complicated that I don’t even know what’s going on!”

THE BEST & WORST OF 2001 — BEST LOVE TRIANGLE (Chloe, Philip, and Brady)
Soap Opera Update – December 18, 2001

Days of Our Lives, a soap known for supercouples, struck love gold with this super-triangle. First, Philip and Chloe were drawn together, then Philip’s nephew (yup!) Brady and Chloe felt an instant attraction. The fans’ loyalty is as equally torn between the two men as Chloe’s, which makes this plot so intriguing.